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The name "Rio Del Mar" was chosen as a catchy name to promote the sale of real estate in this beautiful stretch of coastline during the Roaring 20's, and real estate is the name of the game in this small beach community. The area is technically part of Aptos, but the locals see Rio Del Mar as a completely distinct community separate from the town of Aptos on the other side of Highway 1. During the Summer months, the town is flooded with tourists looking to enjoy the beach and spend time with family and friends in local vacation rentals. Many of the homes in the area are beachcomber type, two-story townhomes, and lend themselves well to the vacation rental industry. Local residents that live year round in the area often live in mid to upscale residences that are custom built or located in and around the Seascape area.

Head a little south from Rio Del Mar State Beach, and you will find the Seascape Beach Resort. The resort offers spacious suites and villas with fully equipped kitchens and kitchenettes, fireplaces, and private balconies that face toward the Monterey Bay. The local Seascape Golf Club is located on the breathtaking coastal highlands of Monterey Bay, and offers a spectacular day of golf with differing terrain and ocean views.

The Rio Del Mar and Seascape area is served by the Pajaro Valley Unified School District for Elementary through High School.  The schools in this area are considered excellent with Rio Del Mar Elementary achieving a Greatschools rating of 9, and Aptos High School consistently ranking in the top 10% of high schools in the State according to US News & World Report.

Rio Del Mar and Seascape are located in the 95003 zip code along with Aptos, and the homes in the region primarily consist of single family residences, but there are also quite a few condominium and townhome options available. Below is the historical market data for the community.

Rio Del Mar/Seascape Median Home Prices
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Rio Del Mar/Seascape Price Per Square Foot
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